Meliah Rage

Interview with Tony Nichols of Meliah Rage

Death Valley Dream

There is some excellent thrash metal in this album, and at times, the complexity and the intricacy displayed here rival those of the great thrashers. When Meliah Rage's first album came out, I was quite impressed, but their second album disappointed me. This album is definitely better than their first two albums, in that it is more together and the songwriting has improved significantly. In fact, I think this is the best rhythm section Meliah Rage has had. Further, the vocals and the guitar riffs are highly melodic, as it should be, and it serves to increase their appeal. My favourite parts of the album are when the long instrumental passages, which are becoming more and more scarce in today's music. If you like bands like Kyuss and Metal Church, and are interested in a thrashier hybrid, I recommend checking this band out.

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