Love in Reverse

I was Here

This is music that falls straight into the category of what is commonly-termed "alternative", but is really a variant of rock. There are some points in this release when the music gets hard/heavy, but most of it is mellow. The group reminds me a cross between Stabbing Westward, Pearl Jam, Candlebox, and Bush, and there is a Nirvana-like urgency present in the music (particularly in the guitars and the drumming). There are some interesting moments, when the electronic noise blends in nicely with the standard power pop sound. They should've explored this aspect of their music, as I think it has the greatest creative potential. If you're a fan of the aforementioned bands and looking for something new, this is worth looking into.

I was Dog (EP)

I liked this EP more than Love in Reverse's first full-length release I Was Here. The production is raw, and there's a nice lo-fi feel to the sound. The vocals also are more distinctive, but there's not as much experimentation with electronic noise as in their full-length release. There are only five songs on this EP, and according to the PR info I got, the band itself wasn't completely happy with the songs. I think some of the tunes (I'm a Contradiction, for example) should've appeared on the studio album. Besides the bands mentioned in the I Was Here review, the music on this album appears to have incorporated the sounds of The Offspring and Meat Puppets.

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