Living Sacrifice


Living Sacrifice take the best of what is out there in Death Metal land and the hardcore genre and produce a statement that can be described most aptly as American Death Metal. The band from Little Rock, Arkansas has been around since 1991, and arguably this is one of their finest, and perhaps heaviest, albums. The vocals (courtesy of Bruce Fitzhugh) are lower and the music is more aggressive than stuff I've heard by them previously. It's clear that Living Sacrifice's music holds great potential; however the production is a bit lacking and it makes it had to discern on first listen exactly how much is going on in the music, especially in terms of intensity. In the PR info I got, there's this quote by Fitzhugh: "Approach this album with no preconception except that it will be heavy... the older material doesn't even compare. This will destroy it." I cannot disagree with that. In conjunction with the raw and heavy music is some great lead guitar work in a few of the songs and the syncopated drumming is excellent as well.

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