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The bio for Limblifter contains a list of "Top ten things you should know about Limblifter." One of these is "Green Day. Limblifter. Both three piece bands; Limblifter offers 15% less fat." The items on the rest of the list are all in the same self-effacing vein, and this is also seen in the lyrics to their debut album. The sound can best be described as Pop with a guitar-based edge (aka Alternative), and the music is pretty catchy. The songwriting is probably their biggest strength, since it appears as though there was a lot of thought put into it. There is some decent lead guitar work at times, but it is unfortunately buried deep in the mix. My favourite tracks are Do I Feel Involved (where the programming is an interesting complement to the guitars), and Death Defier. Overall, their music is a lot better than similar music that's played on the radio today. If you've never heard them, I'd say they sound like a cross between Better than Ezra and the Foo Fighters, and if you're into College Rock-type music, I recommend them highly.

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