Lara and Reyes

Two Guitars-One Passion

Lara and Reyes are Sergio Lara and Joe Reyes, two acoustic guitarists who play on the left and right channels respectively. The music is Latin-Jazz and the rhythm section (Randy Johnson on bass and Eric Casillas on assorted percussive devices) reminds me of Santana, except softer. The guitar playing is magnificient, and the preciseness of the performance is highlighted very well by the amazing production which captures the dynamics of the duo's guitar playing very well. The instrumental tracks do an excellent job of getting the theme of the title across to the listener. This is definitely worth checking out if you're into good acoustic guitar playing and emotional, toe-tapping Latin music. Favourite tracks are Atardecer (Dusk), Spain (written by Chick Corea, which features Jose Perello giving us a magnificient performance on the flamenco guitar), and La Bikina.

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