Kula Shaker

In concert


I became interested in Kula Shaker after seeing a solid live performance by them in concert. After listening to this album half-a-dozen times, each of the songs in it has something interesting to say. The first song Hey Dude is reminscent of a dancier version of Astronomy Domine by Pink Floyd. The second is reminscent of something from Deep Purple's House of Blue Light. And their popular radio hit, Tattva, is reminscent of something by the Beatles. In fact, the infectious melodies ala the Beatles and the trippy feeling you get when listening to a David Gilmour are omnipresent here. Kula Shaker mix some of the best elements of the 60s (psychedelia), the 70s (rock), the 80s (dance) and in doing so produce a novel and fresh sound. I only hope they can sustain it on their future releases.

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