Still Suffering

Klank is a one-man metal-industrial project that is highly groove-oriented. Daren "Klank" Diolosa's roots appear to be primarily based on a metal aesthetic, with some progressive elements (particularly the use of analog sounds) thrown in. The lyrics of the songs are pretty intelligent, even though they come off a bit cliched at times. That's about the only negative thing I can say about this release. Each of the songs is a classic, and Klang could well be the next Nine Inch Nails in terms of commercial success, but there's more sophistication here. In fact, the music and the vocals resemble Fear Factory quite a bit at times. There is extensive sampling and looping involved. While the beats and grooves are good and heavy, the guitar riffs sound fresh and original, forming a solid base for the entire album. This is the album to get if you're into some melodic metal mixed with noise that you want to be able to headbang and dance to at the same time.

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