Ghosts of the Open Road


Ghosts of the Open Road's seven song debut could've well been a conceptual release with the primary concept being the name of the group itself. The group reminds me of Queensryche mixed with Dream Theatre and Rush. The ghosts in question are Allen Jameson on guitars and lead vocals, and Will Lawrence on drums, keyboards, and background vocals. The CD's production is balanced well, getting the guitar crunch across without being too slick. The only thing I didn't like about this whole release is the low vocals, presumably Jameson's, which I didn't think went well with the high energy guitar work. I preferred the high Geoff Tate-like screaming by both vocalists. The multi-layered guitar work is excellent and the drumming is tight, both playing off of each other well. The keyboards and bass (by Lance Morrison on 4/7 tracks) complement the guitars and drums nicely. The Ghosts are treading a path that is not very common today: talented progressive rock with searing riffs and solos. I think it is only a matter of time before they reach a high level of success, if they continue putting out stuff with high calibre, as in Rockola.

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