Downed City Rise: Fugazi, Jasaga, Lucy Murphy, and a bit of politics

Fugazi with Clone of Society

Repeater + 3 Songs

This is combination of the album Repeater and the EP 3 songs, Like their 13 songs release, it showcases their hardcore noise-based punk. The album has its roots in punk and doesn't showcase the musical intricacy and complexity seen in their latest Red Medicine. But still, there are a number of good riffs with a lot of crunch, tight drumming and bass, and aggressive vocals. The highlights for me are Turnover, Merchandise, and Greed.

In on the Killtaker

This is my least favourite of all the Fugazi albums. It marks their progression going from the early raw punk of 13 Songs and Repeater to the sophistication of Red Medicine. Here their experimentation and complexity is at an awkward transition, and I think it shows. The music is less catchy than before, and the amount of innovation seems to be on the wane. There are a few diamonds in the rough here and there, particularly in Smallpox Champion, Sweet and Low, and Instrument. One reviewer has mentioned that Fugazi have started sounding like the bands they've influenced. If that is indeed the case, I think this is the album that comes the closest.

Red Medicine

I was blown away by this album, which I think is one of best albums released this year. The music transcends punk; it is highly experimental, and on first listen, the CD assaults you with waves of noise. A new listener might first be intimidated by the amount of discordant sound that greets them, but a couple of listens will reveal the musical intricacy and the exquisiteness of some of the riffs and melodies. In fact, the riffs in Bed for the Scrapig, Combination Lock, and Version are among the best ones I've heard this year. When guitar theatrics seem to be put in the back burner by many of the neo-punk bands of today, Fugazi have brought it right out to the forefront. If you're interested in checking out what Fugazi sounds like, I definitely recommend this album.

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