Fold Zandura


Fold Zandura is a welcome change from many of the angst-ridden alternative acts out there growling their vocals. I was pleasantly surprised by the music in this release, which sounds straight out of the 80s (and this is a positive thing, let me assure you). The songs are driven by some cool programming/synthesiser work and vocal harmonies (think the Beatles mixed in with A-ha and Pet Shop Boys, though the former influence is more apparent). The guitars complement the flow of synthesizers very well, and the tight minimalistic drumming adds an interesting touch because it's not coming from a machine. The elements of electronic noise are what appeal to me, and I think this is where Fold Zandura is at its creative best. In fact, this is one of the most creative uses of electronic noise I've heard in a long, long time. As a staunch atheist the lyrics and, in general, the philosophy of the band, doesn't do anything for me, but in Fold Zandura's case, it is the music that matters and grabs my attention.

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