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This is a Best Of collection from the legend, showing why he deserves the title. It has some great rock 'n' roll and blues, including classics like Cocaine (my favourite Clapton tune), I Shot the Sheriff, Layla, and Knockin' on Heaven's Door.


This is a classic Eric Clapton album. Not only does it include a lot good original stuff, but his guitar playing is really exploring his technique and differs from the stuff done previous. The cover of Hound Dog is excellently done! It's a must get if you're a Clapton fan in any shape or form!

From the Cradle

People complain he is "washed up", but he puts all such complaints to rest with this release which goes to back to good old rock 'n' roll blues. One of the musical geniuses around this album is an exercise in improvisation---the whole thing was recorded live with little overdubbing. From the cradle to the grave, Clapton has proven he has got what it takes to still make an enduring piece of guitar work.

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