Dokken is back again with a set of classic hard rock cuts that captures their style from the 80s, but also has evolved given the grunge and industrial revolutions in mainstream music. The evolution has occurred by incorporation of these genres into their music. There is a clear industrial influence at times in Shadowlife and some of the lyrics, while interesting, could be classified as angst-ridden. There is a definite chemistry between these band members: George Lynch on guitars, Don Dokken on vocals, Jeff Pilson on bass, and Mick Brown on drums. I've heard Pilson's work in other bands and I've not been impressed with it as I've been here. Tracks that stand out include Hello and Puppet on a String.

It would be appropriate and insightful to examine Dokken's place in the music world today. Some may dismiss them as "cock-rock has-beens" (a term I've actually heard applied to bands from the 80s). I think that is ignoring the fact that many bands popular among mainstream radio have similar sounds. Compared to the latest releases from bands like Van Halen and Metallica, Dokken's newest is fresher and better, and would fit right in-between bands like Live and Ruth Ruth.

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