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Regarding the new release from the Talking Heads frontman: it is definitely a different flavour from most of the CDs I've heard in the past few days. Very mellow and stripped down (read: minimalistic), it still packs a punch by being extremely catchy and clever. The lyrics are brilliant, especially in tunes like A Self-made Man, Back in the Box, and Buck Naked. David Byrne is almost a poet on this one.

The song A Self-made Man is set in the future and it's about marketing genes. The lyrics are okay, but check out this story called One Step Beyond which is in the same theme and is very witty.

 And now we got a black market, a black market in designer genes.
 The most beautiful, most intelligent criminals you've ever seen.
 And now you're playing top dollar for what you used to get for free.
 They'll stun you with their looks and charm you with effortless ease.
 They've taken everything from you, the way you walk,
 the way that you smile, the sound of your voice.
 Don't even know who you are.
 Who are you now?  Who are you now?
                                        ---David Byrne, Self-made Man

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