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Crushed (EP)

Crushed is the hot new band from Arizona who have a fresh sound that is certainly different from the current alternarock permeating the airwaves. The music on the self-titled EP I got with five songs consists of mellow passages combined with heavy guitar riffs and steady drumming. There are some interesting guitar solos---not ones that mindlessly blaze off a 100 mph, but tasteful and introspective solos. The vocal processing in Incandescence shows a tendency for experimentation. Combining aspects of White Zombie, Faith No More, and Metallica, this band delivers crunchy hard rock that'll definitely have your head banging. There's a definite brightness to the music, which is complemented by the catchy melodies, while at at same there's some heavy guitar work and some cool drumming that makes you want to boogie. If the rest of their newest album is anything like this, I definitely recommend checking this band out!

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