In Dementia

When you listen to Chastain's In Dementia, it's hard to believe the vocalist (Kate French) who sounds a lot like Dave Mustaine of Megadeth, is female. In fact, the music, a product of David Chastain's mind, which borders on raw thrash metal, is reminscent of Mustaine's early work (with Metallica and early Megadeth). The production is raw and complements the fierceness of the music. The lead guitar harmonies and the vocal melodies interweave intricately with each other, while the bass and rhythm guitars provide a strong syncopated backdrop. The keyboards and the drumming add a bit of progressive flavour to the music. The execution is tight and the mix is extremely clear. Dementia, according to the band, is characterised as "break down of intellectual faculties, such as memory, ability to concentrate, and judgement, resulting from an organic disease or a disorder of the brain. Sometimes accompanied by emotional disturbance and personality changes. This album might just induce that in you (and I mean that in a postive way).

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