Butt Trumpet

Primitive Enema

The cover has the usual Parental Advisory label on it---with the words "lighten up!" written under it. The inside, where you insert your finger to remove the CD, has someone with their exposed butt so that you end up putting your finger... and what about the music? Well, if you thought They Might be Giants are a bit weird, Ween bordering on obnoxious, well, these guys take it to the limit. Definitely worth checking out only if you have a tolerance for the inane, the weird, and the self-indulgent. Unlike Ween, all the obnoxiousness here is in the lyrics. The music is good punk, abound with plenty of good riffs and bass work. The songs with the female vocalists are the best ones!

"You're ugly; what the fuck gave birth to you?
 You're ugly, and I bet your mommy is too.
 You're ugly. Man what's with that do?
 You're ugly, because you're ugly.
 So I told  her to turn around and bend over and gave her another
 crack in the ass."                        ---Butt Trumpet, Ugly

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