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Holy Land

Angra is a band with a classic NWOBHM sound. The peculiar thing is that they're from Brazil. The band mixes the best of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden with Paul Di'anno and Bruce Dickinson, and Helloween. In particular, vocalist Andre Matos has a voice that resembles the vocalists of the aforementioned bands at different times. The music is classically influenced, as it should be, with a tinge of South American rhythms and some keyboard-induced noise as well. It is intricate, complex, symphonic, and heavy. While the production is a bit thin for my tastes, I think this is one of those perfect Heavy Metal albums. This is an enormously talented band---simply amazing!


Fireworks is one of the best albums I've heard in 1999! There are some classic tracks on this album: The opening track, Wings of Reality is fast and driving; Petrified Eyes, one of my favourite tracks, really showcases the band's talent; and Rainy Nights is an interesting departure from the rest of the tracks, with some cool guitar work and some amazing vocal segments. Throughout the album, the guitar solos are melodic and soaring. Given the wane of vocalists (Queensryche, Deep Purple) who no longer scream their hearts out, it is refreshing to hear Andre Matos let go with great control and invoke some terrific emotions. The entire album has a symphonic feel to it. A powerful release and a magnificent follow-up to their 1996 classic, Holy Land. I highly recommend this for any fan of complex and intricate music.

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