Ace Frehley

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Guitarist Ace Frehley was a dominant force in KISS and it really shows in this compilation of some of his best work from his solo years. Frehley's trademark guitar riffs and solos dominate this album and show where a lot of catchiness in KISS' music comes from. Frehley is certainly one of the most consistent guitar players in the world. His attention to detail, the production, and most importantly, the tone, of his guitar is a tribute to his skill. All that is highlighted in this selection of songs. Besides Frehley's amazing guitar work, interesting moments in this CD include the tracks Hide Your Heart and Trouble Walkin', where KISS bandmate Peter Criss joins in. The album also includes live cuts of Rip it Out, Breakout, Cold Gin, Shock Me, Rocket Ride, and Deuce, which have never been available on CD.

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