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Walk on Water

I had the rare opportunity of reviewing this album after getting familiar with it, seeing the band live, and then re-visiting the album. This has had quite an influence on my perspective of the album.

The song writing in this album is what is best, and it really shows in the live show. I'd say that without seeing the live show, it's actually even difficult to appreciate this release (I certainly didn't). But somehow, after listening to the first two songs played live, when I got back home and played the album, the songs really got to me.

In terms of the composition alone, the synergy between Phil Mogg (vocals) and Michael Schenker (guitars) is among the best seen in any U.F.O. album. The keyboard work by Paul Raymond adds a nice touch. What is most striking is the varied guitar styling of Schenker, particularly the emphasis on acoustic guitar. Each song contains at least some brilliant guitar work that will satisfy any Schenker fan. But all of Schenker's wizardry wouldn't amount to much if it weren't for the support of the remaining members of the band, Pete Way on bass and Andy Parker on drums. There is chemistry here that is rarely seen in contemporary hard rock bands.

The new versions of Doctor Doctor and Lights Out are fairly faithful to the original versions, and they provide a link between this band's great, but underrated past, and the future which is yet to be written. This album is a must get for any U.F.O. or Schenker fan.

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