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Ozz-fest Live

This is the first release from Ozzy Osbourne's new record label, Ozz Records, and it's a collection of live recordings from the 10 bands that were part of OzzFest '96. The release coincides with the beginning of Ozzfest '97, the heavy metal answer to Lollapalooza (as was pointed out by different bands at Ozzfest '97). The album, like the concert, showcases the diversity in metal music today, including aggressive and ferocious cuts like Ride Thy Neighbor by Cellophane, Locust Star by Neurosis, Replica by Fear Factory, Attitude by Sepultura (apparently one of the last Sepultura recordings with guitarist and founding member Max Cavalera), Angel of Death by Slayer, and Perry Mason by Osbourne himself. The album comes in really cool packaging, where crowds appear and disappear as you tilt the case. This album is definitely worth getting, especially if you want to get a feel for the kind of music at Ozzfest '97.

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