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Cosmodrome seems to be a loosely-connected concept album, but I can't quite place what the concept is about. Here, M.I.R.V. Haggard (former guitarist of the Limbomaniacs) explores various personalities including a drunk dad, a club owner, a seductress, an annoying phone caller, and a physician beautician, all presumably connected by this place called the Cosmodrome, which seems just as whacky as Primus' Seas of Cheese or the Punchbowl. The Cosmodrome seems to be a theatre which houses all these characters and more, performing various actions. The music is highly self-indulgent and varies in style (there's even a surf song here) as it explores not only the nature of the characters, but also the actions they perform, culminating in a final performance in the Cosmodrome. The carpentry work is pretty good. It is produced by M.I.R.V. Haggard and Les Claypool (who is Grandad on this album) for Prawn Song. Definitely check out the stuff on the label if you're inclined towards experimental music.

Eric Nelson writes: Cosmodrome is the story of Roy who finds a guitar on the walk home and follows him thru his ups and down in life. The album is kinda hard to figure out but the comic book really helps. It explains everything. Once you know kinda what the songs are about you totally see how things connect together and everything becomes clear. It also becomes a lot cooler see how Mirv wrote songs that fit every mood in the story.

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