Compilation and soundtrack (G) reviews

Guitars that Rule the World

The liner notes state that the producers of this compilation simply made an offer to fourteen of the world's greatest renowned guitarists to stretch their boundaries as far as possible, without any creative limits. The results are varied. Some artists just did what they do so well and manage to shine. Some others seemed to be a bit lacking in the creativity department, at least for their one track. And some others managed to produce beautiful works of art: Leviathan by Yngwie Malmsteen (which actually has a great emotive quality to it, with some cool guitar-keyboard interplay between Malmsteen and Mats Olausson), Paul Gilbert's I Understand Completely (which sounds a bit like Primus would do---funky and thrashy), Filet and of Soul by Alex Skolnick (featuring Les Claypool on bass and Brian "Brain" Mantia on drums), are some of my favourite tracks on the album. Worth looking into if you're a guitar enthusiast.

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