4 Non Blondes

Bigger, Better, Faster, More

This is a very interesting band. I'm trying to sort of pin them down, but I can't decide if they are really that talented and creative or just a one-hit wonder. The vocals are by Linda Perry who has a male and female voice depending on how she sings. One of my favourite songs is the first song Train, which sounds like another song but I can't quite place it. They have a style that somehow reminds of Iron Butterfly (I guess the harmonica sound in Train is one of the main reasons). All in all, it's a refreshing sound to hear.

"Oh please Mr. President wil you lend me a future
'cause you'll get it back.
From the little blind woman
with the kid on the corner
and the people all over, doin' crack
yea yea yea yea ...
t's a wonderful country, but the man, he's burning it down."
                       ---4 Non Blondes, Dear Mr. President

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