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The Hooded Crow from Groningen are Patrick Krop on vocals, Michel Bouma on electric and acoustic guitars and vocals, Reinder Dijkhuis on electric and acoustic guitars, soundscapes and mandolin, Danny Barnhoorn on bass guitar and silly hats and Johan "DJ" Dijkhuis on drums, percussion and occasional vocals. We spend a lot of our time recording stuff any which way we can, and have just released our first CD, "Kettles of Fish". We occasionally play "Fools" live, and it's one of two Deep Purple tracks the non-DP fans in the band agreed to play (The other is "Child In Time"). We started out thinking our version would be a fairly straight cover version, but it turned out slightly different, especially the intro and middle section.

About the song...

This song was originally written recorded in 1971 by the Mark II line up Deep Purple featuring Ritchie Blackmore (guitars), Ian Gillan (vocals), Roger Glover (bass), Jon Lord (keyboards), and Ian Paice (drums). The track is available on the album Fireball.

I'm crying I'm dying

I can see what's wrong with me
It's in my head
I can see what's gonna be
As I lie in my bed
Man is not my brotherhood
I am of the dead
I died as I lived as I loved and was born
On some distant hill
The reasons to hide were the reasons I cried
Fools pass laughing still

There can be bad blood in all I can see
It's in my brain
You don't know the pain I feel
As I must live again
Rocks and stones can't bruise my soul but
Tears will leave a stain
They smile to themselves as they lay down my head
On some distant hill
The blind and the child sweep a tear from their eye
Fools smile as they kill

I got my own way to go and now I want
To take your minds
I believe if you could see
The blood between the lines
I believe that you could be
A better kind
Please lead the way so the unborn can play
On some greener hill
Laugh as the flames eat their burning remains
Fools die laughing still

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