Primus - Spaghetti Western

Tabbed by Matt Durand.

S  =  Slap
P  =  Pluck
p  =  Pulloff
m  =  Mute
/\ =  Flaminco style upward stroke
\/ =  Flaminco style downward stroke
*  =  Short 1/8th note, muted after played

As stated, there's playing with chords on all 4 strings and lots of low
notes w/ heavy distortion in the intro, which breaks into the punk/funk


The chorus remains the same throughout most of the song, with a few
variations between the two rifts, which aren't that hard to figure
out, but I'll let you figure out the late solo yourselves, you can do
it, I promise...  =)

Primus - Spaghetti Western

Tabbed by Yurek Hunt.

Main riff:

G    ------------------9P----9p7---------------------7 7---
D    -----------------------------------5P-------------8 8-
A    ------------------------------------------------------
E    0 0---0 X 0 0-----X-------0-------X 5p3 0-------------

G    ------------------------------------------------------
D    ------------------5P------------5P------------8 8 8 8-
A    ------------------------------------------------------
E    0 0---0 X 0 0-----X 5p3 0-----X 5p3 0-----------------

Primus - Spaghetti Western

Tabbed by JP Harrell.

I've seen five or six tabs for this song, but I think this sounds
closer than any of them.



That's pretty much the main riff except Les seems to improvise around
it the whole time.

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