Primus - Restin' Bones

Tabbed by Chris Rowe ( *

During the verses in this song, Ler will sometimes tap his pick guard
with the pick to make steady sixteenth notes in the background.  A
guitar will only make this sound if your plugged into an amp.  If you
listen, you'll here it.

e ||--------------------------------------------||
B ||--------------------------------------------||
G ||--------5-4--3--2-3-2--1-2-1---------5-2/4--||
D ||------4----------------------------4--------||
A ||----5----------------------------5----------||
E ||--7----------------------------7------------||

e ||--------15-20-19--18--17-18-17--16-17-16----||
B ||-----16-------------------------------------|| When you go up this high, you
G ||--17----------------------------------------|| can basically just freestyle after
D ||--------------------------------------------|| a while.
A ||--------------------------------------------||
E ||--------------------------------------------||

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