Primus - Puddin' Taine

Tabbed by Scott Martin (

t= tap
h= hammer on
p= pull off

Les actually strums these chords with his 6-string but you can tap if
you like. You can play this on a 4-string but I like playing it on a

"Pass The Pen There Billy Bob"

C ----14-|-15-|
G ----14-|-15-|
D -------|----|        Continuous
A -------|----|
E -------|----|
B -15----|----|

Just before Les says "Catch me in the bright light.....", play:

C -----------
G -----------
D -----------
A -----------
E -----------
B --3--4--1--


C ----2-----2---2-3hp-2--0-0--------2-----2--------0--
G ----2-----2---2-3hp-2--0-0--------2-----2--------0--
D ----------------------------------------------------
A ----------------------------------------------------
E ----------------------------------------------------
B --3----3-----------------------3-----3------3-------

For the higher bass part when Ler does his solo, just play the chorus
2 frets higher.

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