Primus - Over the Electric Grapevine

Tabbed by Nathan Welton. *

Q above the tab stands for quadruplets
/ is a slide
o is a pull off
s is a slap
p is a pop
/\ above the tab is a strum

This is most of it... There are a whole bunch of little interludes and
incidentals here and there, but this is pretty complete.

Intro solo :


|--------9-7-|----DRUM FILL--/14-|

Verse :      /\              /\               /\


Chorus :

Primus - Over the Electric Grapevine

Tabbed by Michael Godwin.

h-hammer on
^-bend and realese

I think the intro goes:


If you don't have a B tune E to B.

Primus - Over the Electric Grapevine

Tabbed by Peter Otto.

I hope this is the right place to send this, because I'd like to
submit the following suggestion as a variation on Nathan Welton's tab
take on "Over the Electric Grape Vine".  I play it on a fretless four
sting (a fretless is a must for this tune, I think).  The intro tab
seem right on, though, and I'd like to extend my kudos to Nathan for
nailing it.  When I play it live, I slow down a few bits and add more
of the notes that give it that sitar feel and the crowd seems to dig

Anyway, here are the adjustments that I suggest; hope they don't suck too

Verse :      /\              /\               /\              /\

Chorus :
   (triplets all)

* = Harmonic (albeit a vague one) between the 4th and 5th frets.

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