Primus - Hail Santa

Tabbed by Robert Popiel.

I got most of it apart from the quick triplet and quadriplet part.


To get the right sound you gotta keep bending the two srings up and down all
the time. The way I do it is starting going up straight away and when I put
the string back I have played the 16 17 part 4 times in time with the song.

Primus - Hail Santa

Tabbed by Josh Patterson.

I dont know the exact tab to the song but I do know how you can play
it.  You can either purchase a upright and move the basis for a power
chord up and down the D and G strings.  Or use a slide to make the
same sound on even a fretted bass.  The song has an spooky feel to it
so I don't even know if people want to learn it. Oh well, if you want
to this should help.

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