Primus - Bob's Party Time Lounge

Tabbed by Morgan Currie.

Go back and forth between these a few times while Les talks.

G ----16----16-    G ----19----19-
D -17----17----    D -20----20----
A -------------    A -------------
E -------------    E -------------

Now here's the cool part.

   R2 L1 L2 R1
G -16----------
D ----10-12-17-
A -------------
E -------------

Explanation of cool part: Okay the cool part is tapped. To do it, rest
both hands over the fret board. The first note (16) is tapped with the
middle finger of your right hand. The next two notes are hammered on
with the first and second (index and middle) fingers of your right
hand.  Then the last note is played with the index finger of you right
hand. You have to hit the notes hard and fast, and it takes a bit of
practice, but it's the only way to get the sound that Les gets.  Oh
yeah, for lefties, just switch the hands around, right becomes left,
left becomes right.

Primus - Bob's Party Time Lounge

Tabbed by Chris Clancy.

G ----16----16---
D -17---17-------
A ---------------
D ---------------


G -----19---19---
D -20----20------
A ---------------
D ---------------

          {   triplet   }
G -16---------------
D -----17-16-17-----  (4x's)
A ------------------
D ------------------

The cool fast riff....

           {triplet }            {triplet}
G -----------------------------------
D -----------------------------------
A ----------------0------------------
D -5-3--0-2-3---3-5-3--0-2-3---------

Slow trippy middle part...

G --4----------7---------
D --5----------8---------
A -----------------------
D -----------------------

Haven't tried the fast part at 3:12, but I will later.

Primus - Bob's Party Time Lounge

Tabbed by Jack Quillin.

Maybe you've gotten this figured already because if you watch
Videoplasty you can see that Les doesn't tap it, even though that
works.  I think he's playing this:


I think he's basically using two downstrokes to play it.  The first
stroke is on the 16th (second finger) on the G and then he hammers the
15 on the A (index finger) and then hammers-on the 17th (third finger)
on the A and then the 17 (lay third finger down for a sort-of barre
chord) on the D gets the second stroke which also serves to mute the

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