Primus audio and video

Too bad you can't see this cool animation.

I believe in the philosophy that if it can be bought easily in the stores, then there's no reason for me to put it up. Thus the clips I put up on my server will only be excerpts of hard-to-find or unique versions of songs. Please do not write me asking how to play the sound files or how to uncompress the songs; all the information to do this is available on the www, and it would become a full time job for me to answer all your questions (which are highly operating system dependent)!


This is just a start; more sound files will be added as time permits.

Cheesy Home Video excerpt (AU; 292 KB)
An excerpt from the Cheesy Home Video featuring Primus live with the Public Enemy turntable dude.
Master of Puppets (AU; 400 KB)
Intro to Metallica's Master of Puppets in .au format.
Money (AU; 355 KB)
Cover of Pink Floyd's Money in .au format.
Spinal Tap (AU; 819 KB)
Cover of something by Spinal Tap in .au format.
Jerry was a Race Car Driver (MIDI)
Arranged by Paul D.
John the Fisherman (MIDI)
Arranged by Tamas Viktor.
Tommy the Cat live bass solo (MIDI)
Arranged by Tamas Viktor.
Wynona's Big Brown Beaver (MIDI)
Arranged by Paul D.

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