Primus concert review

by Stanier108.

Roseland Ballroom, New York City, NY. March 16, 1998.

Sno-core came to an end last night and Primus did not disapoint me or any of the crowd with a great set of music. Les finally is done with the cast on his foot which I saw him with the night before in new jersey. Primus did a killer set list but unforunately I did not get to see To defy yet. That and Mr. knowitall are on my Primus wish list. Here is the set list in no particular order:

Sailing the Seas of Cheese
John the Fisherman
Bob's Party Time Lounge
The Duchess
Groundhogs day
Frizzle Fry
My name is mud
Puddin Taine
Too Many Puppies and Hello Skinny
Tweekers and holy makerel
Jerry was a Race Car Driver
Tommy the Cat

It was a great show and at the end they gave the crowd a choice of jerry,fish on, or here come the bastards, I would have wanted to hear fish on but u cant fight the crowd. Les also taunted the crowd by saying who wanted to hear winona's big brown beaver, but then said fuck that and went into mud. Though there was one fan who threw beer at Les like a fuck even before les started in seas of cheese. Les wanted him castrated like the fuck that he was. There play time was only an hour and 20 minutes but it was all worth to see them for my 3rd time. Ler was just as usual quiet and drunk, but still jamming as good as hell. Brain was good as hell too jamming during Tommy the Cat with a turn tablist Les had brought in the made that song like 10 minutes long I think Les loves that song.

As for the other bands they sucked donkey shit. The Aqua Bats put on a great energetic show but I hate ska like hell. Then came the Alkoholiks they were standable, and they were funny with their beer drinking contest. Then Blink 182, which I must say I really do hate them, they are the worst fucken punk band I have ever seen live. Where are good punk bands like Bad Religion anymore.

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