Primus concert review

by Jim Harrington (

Dallas Music Complex, Dallas, TX. April 27, 1996.

The show started around 8:15 with Weapon of Choice opening. They were an energetic band that reminded me of George Clinton type funk music. The mosh pit started but wasn't very wild. They finished up and the singer asked us if we were ready for Primus. The crowd went insane. The "Primus Sucks" chant went around a few times. People realized it was going to take a while for set-up so they chilled out. Finally, they were ready. Les came out in a Hawaiian shirt and straw hat. Ler was just chillin, and you could berely see Tim behind his massive set. I honestly can't remember the first few songs but I believe it was somewhat of a medley. They played "Wynona" followed by "Them Damn Blue Collar Tweekers." Towards the end of "Tweekers" where Ler's guitar part is the ringing wah chords. I saw Les exchange his 4-string for the 6-string. I knew they were going to play "My Name is Mud" sure enough they did.The spotlight switched to Les as he slapped the first slide. Everyone went nuts. They continued with old classics and the new ones. I recall during "Tommy the Cat," my friend Richard had his shoe thrown on to the stage. Les picked it up and began talking about the shoe for the lyrics. They encored for 20 min and then it was over. A security guard retrieved Richard's shoe for him. I have been waiting patiently since that day for Primus to return!

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