Primus concert review

by Doug Champion.

9:30 Club, Washington, DC. April 20, 1996.

This was my third time seeing the boys. I'd have to say it tied with the previous show in November, musically that is. Although I wish they had played DMV, they did play all my other favs. They opened with To Defy the Laws of Tradition, then boomed into Wynona. I was happy that this didn't seem to be a poser show, because the crowd didn't go crazy for that song. Actually this wasn't a poser show in the least, because there were only about 1,100 die hard fans there. The rest of the set included American Life, Bob, Jerry Was a Race Car Driver, Professor Nutbutter's House of Treats, Mr. Knowitall, Del Davis, De Anza Jig, The Pressman, Is It Luck (One of my all time favorites), Blue-Collar Tweekers, a version of Toys Go Winding Down where they went directly into Pudding Time when Les goes "It's pudding time, pudding time, pudding time", Spegetti Western, Master of Puppets, some weird little riff after puppets and finally, Mud. I really wish they played Tommy the Cat, but you can't expect everything from Primus. One unusual, but funny thing, was when Les was gonna "Pump out the Oasis tunes in a minute," but all he really did was go "You know what I think..." Then he went into Mr. Knowitall. Pretty cool. I tried to get Les to have a couple of words with me, but he just did his famous flip off. Oh well. Thanks alot to Ram for letting me do this suck-filled review. FISH ON!!

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