Primus concert review

by Namgaw.

The Warehouse, Toronto, CAN. October 26, 1997.

I can not say more enough about the relic we have come to know as Primus.

The band with all to bass, guitar and drums. There has not been a band with as mych talent as them since Whitesnake. On October 26th my dream of seeing Primus live came true. It was a cold and stormy night, and I was waiting at the wrong side of the road for the bus and saw it come and ran as fast as I ever had in my life before, this burst of energy must have come from my excitement of being able to see Primus for the first time. I got off the bus and sold an extra ticket of mine to a fat man screaming tickets! i need tickets. He bought what I paid $27 for $20. Who cares. Well I made my way into the Warehouse and was patted down by a female security guard and looked at the wall of Primus shirts. A bit expensive but I bought one, it was a green brown album shirt with cigars reading "primus brand" on them, I was excited as hell.

The first band was a fill in because both of the bands schedualed to play did not arrive, they were called "finger 11" and they were a stupid Canadian band formerly known as "The Rainbow Butt-Monkeys". I call them as stupid Canadian band because they sucked. Yup, it was like "Our Lady Peace" with dreadlocks and no screaming girls. So I only had to sit through one band to see Primus, whic was supposed to be two. Before they got on stage I stood next to their dressing room and became epilepctic. Brain came out first escorted with some chick, next was I think Les, then Ler. I was going crazy by that time, I made my way to the center of the mosh pit and gladly go kicked in the head several time, but it sure was worth it. My bruises healed last week. Well anyways, the smell of weed in the air might have made the concert better, but who knows. They opened with The Duchess and the Proverbial Mindspread, and I went crowd surfing to that song. Out of all the mosh pits I have been in, this was by far the most hard-core. Les was so cool, and Ler looked really alternative with his new dyed short hair?! When i was atop the crowd, I looked at Les and maybe he looked at me and I gizzed in my pants right then while surfing over everyone. Brain was fucking amazing! He has a weird style of drumming, it looks like he is using all his strength to hit the drums, he looked so tense! And when they played "Tommy the Cat", Brain did a five minute solo while wearing a sombraro. 30 seconds out of that solo Braind did one handed! Ler looked cool! He sort of plucks instead of picking annd strumming, so much like a porn star. He drank from his bootle a lot during the show? I din't really have a good view of him so I can't say to much. LES, oh LES, he got angry when someone threw their toque on stage and said why throw it here when you can give it to a homeless person or shove it up yer ass. That was cool. He played 4 basses during the show, which were, his Carl Thompson 4 string, Carl Thompson 6 string, Fender 4 string Presicion and an upright bass with a bow, for songs like Mr. Krinkle and Over the Falls. He was fuckin amazing! He thanked us for not going to the U2 concert. I went crown surfing 2 more times during the night, once during the encore for "Southbound Pachyderm", god damn amazing! Good show boys! I will gladly see them again!

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