Primus concert review

by Mikael Djurvall.

Klubben, Fryshuset, Stockholm Sweden. June 16, 1998.

Just came back from a nice trip to the capital of Sweden!

Yes indeed I just saw Primus for the third time here in Scandinavia and this show was certainly the best one so far! Since I think that The Brown Album is the greatest they done so far the setlist for the night suited me just fine:

They kicked of after a loooong time's wait between them and the support act (Skeleton Key, odd, nice at times, to bad the vocals were so classic Kurt Cobainish...) with the ever brilliant Pudd Taine, followed by a smashing version of Kalamazoo which could have been even more enjoyable if the guards didn't spot my recorder (I always cary one with me to concerts) and shine on me with their flashlights making me and my recorder far to visible, and thus forcing me to record most of that song from within my coatpocket. I guess I should be thankful they didn't take it away from me... Then it was time for two ol time classics -My Name Is Mud and Jerry Was A Racecar Driver (boy did that lift the place, especially since in the pause before 'Dog Will Hunt' he had an entire conversation with this girl in the front row -Nice!) then back into the mud with two more juicy Brown songs -Renegade and Bob's Party Time Lounge, yummy yummy were these good! After this that familiar guitar horn signalled that it was time for (have they ever done a concert without playing this one!) Tweakers, which just like last year in Roskilde included licking that gorgeous Highball With The Devil from Les' CD. It was a pleasure hearing him start up with my definite favourite Brown song after this -Duchess! And I felt the burnin' in my stomach like never before!!! Time to turn the side on the tape -just perfect! Southbound Pachyderm, with a loooong instrumental jam in the end, could be something from Rhinoplasty (which is said to include to instrumental cuts) I wanted it to never end! My fioncee went beserk as they started on her Number 1 Primus song -Nature Boy, and me being an complete Residents addict was hoping for them to include Hello Skinny in there like they did in the ol' days, but they didn't. This was only a minor dissapointment though since Brain did a lucious drumending! Now it was time to hit the snackbar, and the electrifying Seas Of Cheese is the perfect way to show the world what you can do on that thing! Over The Falls followed in traditional(?) manner, When they started on Tommy The Cat, I knew it was close to ending, and that's something I've been dissapointed with all 3 times I've seen them -WHY CAN'T THEY GO ON LONGER!!!?!!! Anyway needless to say it was a smashing version of that one as well, which included both The Awekening and a Looooong drum solo by Brain in which he actually busted his drums all over the floor (did I mention that Leonardo DeCaprio was the portrait on the basdrum!?! :)) -a perfect ending! 5 mins of PRIMUS SUCKS!!! later they came on and did one of the new Rhinoplasty tracks, the XTC cover Scissor Man -Very nice, but the audience was quite unsure how to act to that one, not somehing you can say to the definite showstopper though, the ever so heavy Too Many Puppies which ended a fine fine fine night! in a fine fine way!

You probably wont believe me when I tell you this but Les had a full Afro haircut and it didn't look bad!!! It actually fitted him like the glove (and I thought he was cool last year at Roskilde with his Mafioso look) I'm very sorry about forgetting to bring my camera.

If you would like to trade for a copy of this show contact me, you should know though that the quality is far from good, since they played so LOUD that the sound is distorted, still listenable if you are fan:

Venue: Klubben, Fryshuset
City: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Date: 16 June 1998.
Length: 70mins
Quality: G+

Puddin' Taine
My Name Is Mud
Jerry Was A Racecar Driver
The Chastising Of Renegade
Bob's Party Time Lounge
Those Damned Blue Collar Tweakers
(with Highball With The Devil jam)
Duchess And The Proverbial Mind Spread
Southbound Pachyderm
(with long instrumental jam)
Nature Boy
Seas Of Cheese
Over The Falls
Tommy The Cat
(with The Awekening jam + drum solo)
Scissor Man
Too Many Puppies

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