Primus concert review

by Martin Drehn (

Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark. June 28 1997.

I had my greatest concert-experience this saturday (the 28th). Primus played at the Roskilde festival on the grand Orange Stage for about (my guess) 15-20.000 people. Before the concert I thought "a Primus fan knows what a Primus fan has to do" - so I went to the very front with my friend - you don't believe how great an experience this was! The show started with Brain alone at the stage playing a solo. When Les and Ler came on stage the setlist followed something like this (not totally sure about the order):

John the fisherman
Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers -> Highball with the Devil -> Tweekers
Pudding Time
Shake hands with beef
Jerry was a racecar driver
My name is mud (with a little comment about the 6 inch of mud we were
                walking around in!)
Seas of cheese -> some new song I didn't know (the chorus was
                  something like "He stood by and waited to become...")
Too many puppies
Tommy the cat -> drumsolo -> The Awakening -> Tommy
Wynona's BBB (extra)
It's possible that I have forgotten a song or two in my hurry, but one thing I know for sure is Tommy the cat is the best song I've ever heard live! Les played an extremely cool bass (especially in The Awakening) - and what I also liked was Brain's drumsolo. He really SUCKS! The solo was about 1 minute long with about 30 seconds played with only ONE hand! Brain's drums was all transparent in diffrent colors with the Brown album logo on the bass drum. Not to knock on Ler but I think he was the "weak" part - you only heard his solos (not that they weren't great).

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