Primus with Korn

by J. Conradi.

Noorderligt, Tilburg, the Netherlands. September 19, 1995.

Yesterday I visited a Primus concert in Tilburg. It was a great show, although it was too short!! Primus played for about an hour and a quarter, but still it was a great show. The playing list included "To defy he laws of tradition", "Mr Nowitall", "Here they come", "My name is Mud", and so one. Not on the playlist, much to my personal regret, was "Too many puppies". Les said they played it the day before in Rotterdam, so they wouldn't play it now. They did play some songs from the new album, but I don't know the names to these songs yet. During one of the new songs, Tim(?) Sawyer, member of the Victims Family made a visit and he did a nice little dance. Further there is not much to be said about the show yet but that will come later. Oh yeah, Korn were the support act for the evening, they wee great as well!

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