Primus concert review

by Cristiano Cebba.

Made In Bo, Bologna, Italy. June 29 1997.

WOW! I've seen the boys live yesterday in Bologna, Italy, and MAN THEY WERE INCREDIBLE! I already saw them live a couple of years ago but this was 10 times better! It's true, they're really back to the Frizzle Fry days: in fact most of the set was taken from FF (they started out with "John the Fisherman" and "To Defy The Laws Of Tradition") and STSOC; they played only "My Name Is Mud" from Pork Soda and nothing - not even Wynona! - from Tales From The Punchbowl. They also played 3 or 4 of the new songs (obviously "Shake Hands...") and something from the Holy Mackerel album... in the middle of "Tommy The Cat" Les threw in "The Awakening" which ended with an awesome drum solo! Brain is GREAT. Herb still remains one of my favourite drummers, but Brain's style fits perfectly with the band and the sound is much MEANER than before ("Too many puppies" blew us away)! They were really having fun and Ler was probably drunk - he was drinking beer all through the show and sometimes he spitted it on Brain! Les was dancing and making faces like I've never seen before and talked a lot to the audience ("We're Primus and not Oasis, so here's some Oasis" he said before starting "Jerry"). He excused for the delay of the release date for the album ("We usually record the album FIRST and THEN we go on tour"), which according to him will be in July. The audience, even if quite small (1500), was crazy and it was all one huge pit - everyone was slamming around for 90 minutes! This was the best concert I've ever seen. I can't wait to see them again!

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