Primus concert review

by The Labutes (

H.O.R.D.E. Festival at the SPAC, Saratoga Springs, NY. August 10, 1997.

Primus played a 1 hour time slot. They played after Toad the Wet Sprocket and before Beck. Primus should have been given a much bigger time slot then that, for they stole the whole damn show. I expected soo much from Primus, being a long time fan, but never seeing them in concert before. and to tell you the truth, Primus blew me away. Before Primus started, I made sure that I could get up as close as I could to the barrier dividing the general admission seats and the seated seats. Of course, I got myself up to the front row of the barrier. I wated for what seemed like hours (only 30 minutes) with an aching back until Primus finally came on. They started out with John the Fisherman, but in the first 15 seconds of it, people started jumping the barrier, dodging the security guards, and getting right up to the stage. I was one of those lucky people. Unfortuately, I could only get about 20 feet away from the stage. They rocked the whole house with John the Fisherman, what a rush it was trying to dodge security guards and trying to stay on my feet while hundreds of crazed Primus fans could get as close as they could. After John the Fisherman, they cranked out Groundhog's Day. Damn, that was sweet. They proceeded to play new tunes from the Brown Album, Duchess and the Proverbial Mind Spread. then they played the greatest Primus song of alltime to hear live- Those Damned Blue Collared Tweekers. as Animal and Hawk of the Legion of Doom would say. ohhhh What a RUSH! damnit, Les kicks some serious ass the way he moves and plays his bass. Les also changed the words at the beginning to match the lyrics of Stairway to Heaven. its kicks how he dances around in those circles. I love it. after that they did My Name is Mud, not exactly my favorite tune, then Jerry was a racecar Driver, really good, first time I had heard that song performed live, then Shake Hands With Beef. After this, Les got out his upright bass. plyed Seas of Cheese while he gave a little speech to the audience. the Primus played Over the Falls. and finally to the finale. Tommy the Cat. They extended this song to almost 15 minutes. pulling out halfway in the middle, so Les could introduce us to his new friend. the one known only as. Brain. He played the best drum solo ive ever seen. Kept on tossing his sticks out to the crowd and grabbing a new set. He'd play one armed solos that made the drummer of Kula Shaker look like a little boy (he played a solo and it was nothing). but Brain amazed me. then Les pounded on his bass for a little bit and I think Ler had a little time in the spotlight to. They ended Tommy the Cat in style. It was the best experience of my life.

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