Sno-Core '98 review

by Phil Hoesing.

Sokol Hall, Omaha, NB. February 25, 1998.

I was priviledged enough to elude my parents and see Primus, for the first time, last month (February) the 25th aka Ash Wednesday, exactly at dusk at Sokol Hall in Omaha, Nebraska. Well, I don't know if this is true or not, but Omaha is a shit place for Primus to play. I bet if I would ever get to talk to Claypool, person-to-person, he would definately agree. If you think about it, they play all over the world. As far as cool cities go, they would be better off staying in like Vegas, NYC, or Philadelphia. Don't you agree. Maybe i'm blabbing too much?

I must definately say that the 3, count 'em, 3 OPENING bands sucked up the floor, but as soon as that bad ass claypool came on the stage I dropped everything and caught myself drooling over that master-mind (my girlfriend didn't appreciate that!) They played a variety of stuff from all of the albums including:

        Sailing the Seas of Cheese
        John the Fisherman
        Ground Hog's Day/"HEy, hey fucked up here" hahaha
        Duchess and the Proverbial Mind-spread
        Bob's Party Time Lounge
        Those Damned Blue-Collared Tweekers/Holy Mackerel
        Tommy the Cat/The Awakening
        My Name is Mud
        Nature Boy
        Jerry Was A Racecar Driver
        Too Many Puppies
        Frizzle Fry

I think that is it! It kicked 100% of my asshole in! ha!

I was kind of bewildered that they didn't play Fisticuffs, Shake Hands with Beef, Over the Falls, Golden Boy, Harold, Bastards, and many others, but it was an excellent show. I was honestly surprised that they put on such a long one because of the shitty opening bands' spiel.

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