Primus' New Year's Eve Freakout

by Russell Solomon.

Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium, Oakland, CA. December 31, 1999.

After a perilous journey from Houston, TX to Los Angeles, California to the Bay Area (with many breakdowns of my piece of crap astro van) me, my friend Zipp, and his friend Tom finally made it.

We stayed with some guys that Zipp knew in Oakland. We toured the Bay Area, saw the cool stuff: Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Bay Bridge, San Fran etc. It was really cool. I think the Bay Area is the coolest place I've ever been too.

Well we arived at the show late, missing Buckethead's set, and Incubus. We caught Long Beach Dub All-stars. They were decent. Alot of people were smoking weed and had on weed shirts advertising Humbodlt County Northern California Cannabis. I thought that was weird, seeing marijauna advertised like that. IT IS ILLEGAL!

Then PRIMUS came on. Les was wearing a weird see-thru mask. The first song was Sgt. Baker. It really got the crowd moshing. They played many songs from ANTIPOP Album such as Liquid Sky, Laquerhead, Antipop, and Electric Uncle Sam. They also through in classics such as Jerry Was A Racecar Driver, My Name is Mud, and Harold of the Rocks. Buckethead came out and jammed during some songs. During the show Les talked about how they came from a town known as El Sobrante just a little ways from Oakland. Les seemed disapointed that nothing happened when Y2K hit...

A little before midnight a coffin was lowered from the ceiling and a grim reaper with a huge head came out. It was Bob Cock! He is dead! Well, they showed a video on the big screen behind the band of Bob C. Cock smoking drugs in heaven with Jesus. He said "You know who has the best drugs? GOD has the best drugs!" He also mentioned that he wanted to kill Courtney Love. Bob counted down to the new Millenium and when Y2K hit balloons came down and as the crowd screamed "HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!" Bob said "Happy Hanakuh!"

Overall it was a kick ass show! (I sort of missed DJ Disk and the banjoes this year however...) Pictures of this show can be gotten through the gallery.

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