Primus with Korn

by Carly Beath.

The Ottawa Congress Centre, Ottawa, Canada. March 4, 1998.

Okay this review is really going to suck since I have a really bad memory and I can hardly remember any of the songs. But I figured since there was no review for this concert it's better that nothing. The show I saw was at The Ottawa Congress Centre on March 4. The first band that played was Van Allen Belt from Kingston and the were Primus wannabe's, plain and simple. Then came the Aquabats who were a bit stupid for me. Then was Blink 182 I think and they were cool. They were quite vulgar and I thought it was just hilarious. After them came the Alcoholiks and they were a rap band and totally our of place. Then was (ugh) Mighty Mighty Bosstones. My friends and I were sitting down during the Alcoholiks and the Bosstones lead singer kept walking by us. He walked like he had a pickle up his butt and he was totally stuck-up. Then came the Pietasters who nobody watched 'cause they were all at the other stage anticipating Primus.

Then finally came Primus themselves. Everyone started yelling either "Primus sucks" or "You suck" and that was pretty cool. You could tell the whole place was there mainly to see Primus, as I was. They started with Seas of Cheese. At the end of the song Les lifted his bow up in the air and everyone went nuts. Now I can't remember all the songs or the order but I know they played: My Name is Mud, Tommy the Cat, Southbound Pachyderm, Those Damn Blue Collared Tweekers, Jerry was a Race Car Driver and Puddin Taine (which was stopped abruptly after someone hit Les' bass with a bottle) There were others which I can't remember because I have the world's worst memory. They had these two big balloon type things on both sides of the stage that were brown and said Primus on one side and had the sheriffs badge on the other. At one point Les said something like "I'd like to introduce a friend of mine. Actually he's more like a relative......Brain! Brain went off into this amazing drum solo during which he chugged a beer as he played. The most pit was cool except I'm only 5"1 and there were all these big guys infront of me and it was hard to see sometimes. But I solved that problem by getting someone to throw me up on the crowd and I surfed and I could see the band really well. At the end of Jerry was a Race Car Driver the lights went on and the band was gone all of a sudden. That was the end and I was extremely sad but I was glad I got to see such an amazing concert. If anyone can help with a better version of this review that would be great.

And remember.....PRIMUS SUCKS!

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