Primus concert review

by Russell Solomon.

Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavillion, San Bernardino, CA, USA. July 24, 1999.

This was the last OzzFest 99 show. The only bands I really liked was PRIMUS (of course), SYSTEM OF A DOWN (everyone needs to go out and BUY THEIR CD cuz they rock!!!), BLACK SABBATH. I was pleasantly surprised at what a talented bass player BLACK SABBATH has (Geezer Butler).

Well Primus was decent. They did the Anti-Pop song really well. Les was wearin' an army suit and a bright blue helmet. Buckethead did a lot of guitar wankin'.

Overall a decent show, seen better. I don't think I'll be going to a festival type show again. I was stuck on the lawn the WHOLE show. PRIMUS was so far away. :( I jumped the fence during My Name Is Mud to try to get down to the seats and possibly the pit, but the security guard got me and threatened to kick me out for good. I said I was sorry and he let me back onto the lawn. Oh well.

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