Primus concert review

by Russell Solomon.

Starplex Amphitheatre, Dallas, TX, USA. July 13, 1999.

I am not sure if I will ever go to a festival type thingy again. I got lawn seats and they were WAY far away from the stage. However, me and my friend Robb Zipp snuck down into the seat area. We stayed there the whole 7 hours the show lasted. System of a Down KICKED MUCH ASS. I got to meet Serj, the lead singer of SYSTEM. Unfortunenately I didn't get to meet Les Claypool. After a few more bands played PRIMUS came on. I was so far away though... cuz we stayed kinda far cuz the security was checking the mosh pit alot. I WANTED so bad to be in the pit.

PRIMUS sounded sorta week. I've seen them play alot better. The only song that they played really well was their new one the ANTI-POP. I think PRIMUS must be getting tired of playing all their old stuff. However, they played Harold of The Rocks. I've never seen them play this one live before. They did a real good job on that one.

Les was dressed up in what looked like a military type outfit with a bright blue helmet. Buckethead did a bunch of Guitar wankin' as usual.

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