Primus concert review

by Johnny.

First American Music Center, Nashville TN, USA. May 31, 1999.

Saw Primus last night in Nashville at the Ozzfest.I hadn't seen them since the Lollapalooza at the same venue in '93, and it sure was nice to hear them again! Right when they came on,Les said "Welcome to Ozzfest '99. I'm Courtney Love. And I'm damn glad to be here!!!" Then we got to hear:

Unless I had more beer than I thought, Buckethead was on guitar for some of this. It was still afternoon, and with no lights turned on the stage yet, it was kinda hard to see from the lawn. they didn't have the screens on yet either.

It would have been nice if they would've had time for a few more tunes, but it's to be expected w/so many bands on the bill.

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