Primus concert review

by Russell Solomon.

Rockefeller's West, Houston, TX, USA. November 22, 1993.

This was my first Primus concert. It was also my first rock concert I ever went to. This was the "Liquid Pig" Tour.

The opening band was really loud. At first I thought this was Primus and I was like "gee they sound and look different live" because I was a dumb 10th grader that didn't know that rock concerts had "opening acts". The drummer had the word "pussy" on his bass drum, so I thought that was the name of the band. I was terribly confused. It was only later I learned it was the Melvins. I remember King Buzzo had a huge fro and I thought this was Les Claypool. I finally came to the realization that it was NOT Primus. They SUCKED. They were loud and sludgey. Well eventually Primus came out.

They played mainly songs from Seas of Cheese and Pork Soda. They rocked! I could feel Les's bass thumping inside of me. It was SO LOUD. I pretty much stayed at the back with my dad who was wearing slacks and a sweater. He looked REALLY out of place. But he likes Primus too. I remember being amazed at the mosh pit. They were all jumping in unison to Primus. It was syncronized! Its just Primus's music is really mosher friendly. I remember they finished their set and everyone was shouting "PRIMUS!!! PRIMUS!!!" they came back on and ended with Mr. Krinkle. This was really cool because Les was playing a bowed upright ELECTRIC bass. I had NEVER seen one of these before. It freaked me out. I had seen the video to Mr. Krinkle on MTV, that is what had turned me onto PRIMUS because I played my bass with a bow in orchestra. It was truly a religious experience to a 10th grade dork.

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