Primus concert review

by Casey Barcomb.

Memorial Auditorium, Burlington VT, USA. March 7, 1998.

This show featured the Aquabats, Alkoholiks, Blink-182 and Primus. The Aquabats opened and they were totally awesome, clad in their matching suits. With all 8 of them on stage, it was chaotic, yet hilarious. All of the bats would just fall to the ground and continue playing spontaneously. They played "The Chicken Song" and "Super Rad" and "Powdered Toast Man". They set the Evil Powdered Toast Man on fire on stage. They rocked. The Alkoholiks were next and I heard them for one song. I then went outside and proceeded to puke at the thought that Primus was touring with a rap group. Next came Blink-182 and all of the 13 year old teenie-bopping girls and their parents were happy. They played "Dammit" and "Josie" and about 12 other songs that sounded identical. They were cocky little shits and I did not enjoy them. Primus then followed, and were awesome, as usual. Their list is:

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