Primus concert review

by Natan Khishchenko.

Sno-Core '98, The Dome Arena, Henreita, NY, USA. March 10, 1998.

Sno Core Tour. You already have the set list for this and it's dead-on with one minor omission (at the end of my notes). The Aquabats were on the ticket, but they never showed. Primus played for 75min. before Mud, Les asked fans if they wanted to hear Wynona, got a lot of "yeahs" from the crowd, then told them he didn't see it on the set list, Primus wouldn't be playing that song (ever again?), and went into Mud. Bob's Party Time Lounge has really turned into a guitar showcase for Ler. He started the song with this weird, King Crimson-esque fingertapping intro before the rest of the vand joined in and had a nice long solo. Soutbound was jammed out (about 10min). Tommy the Cat went into the Awakening, then Les introduced Brain and DJDisc, who did a drums/turntable duet. After a bit, Les joined them onstage, Brain settled into a groove, and Les and DJDisc began to trade fours and improvise. This jam turned into Dueling Banjos, with Les and the DJ going back and forth, speeding up the melody and copying each other (this part is missing from that other review). For the encore, Les let the audience vote between Jerry and Fish On - they picked Jerry.

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