Primus concert review

by Patrick.

Sno-Core '98, The Dome Arena, Henreita, NY, USA. March 10, 1998.

This show was pretty sweet. I liked hearing Pachyderm all the way through. It still amazes me when you hear the airplane noise even though it's live. Les gave a pretty good description of Golden Boy before the played it. It was basically just the lyrics. Pretty neat. For the Encore Les gave us the choice of Fish On or Jerry was a Racecar Driver. All I remember was screaming Fish On!!!!!!!!!!!. I really didn't want to hear Jerry was a Racecar Driver again. It is really not one of my favorite primus songs. Fish On is actually my favorite Primus song so I was rooting for that, I remember screaming at all the punks who had only heard Primus on the radio and were cheering for Jerry. Damn radio singles. If anyone has a bootleg of this show, I WANT IT, ANY QUALITY, it doesn't matter. Maybe I will actually remember Nature Boy instead of just wondering what song it was.

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